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Large Format Copy Media

Consistency is the key when it comes to large document copier media. You need bonds, vellums, and films that keep your equipment running at maximum efficiency while supplying your users with the same brightness, smoothness, and weight they’ve come to expect.

Our products provide a uniquely high level of quality and consistency, with no variation in specification from roll to roll or order to order. All products are also backed by a comprehensive performance guarantee – and over 100 years of service to our industry.

Rolls and sheets are bagged to protect against light, heat and moisture, then packed in two-roll boxes or bulk packs that make shipment and storage even easier.

  • Engineering Bond
    Great for large format engineering and architectural plans, prints, diagrams
    and charts.

  • Presentation Papers & Tinted Bond
    Color and monochrome check plots, final plots and presentations.

  • Vellums & Translucent Bond
    Plain-paper vellums are available for all plain-paper and laser-monochrome

  • Films
    Stability and excellent flatness, mapping overlays, aerial photos and field or
    shop prints.

  • OCE Plain Paper Engineering Copying Media
    High-quality media that will meet and exceed the needs of reprographers,
    end users and resellers, not only for OCE equipment, but for all major manu-
    facturers, plotters and printers.

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